Burnina Sparks

There is an oft-held debate inside my head about the “appropriate” cross-over between my academic persona and my draglesque (drag + burlesque) persona, Burnina Sparks.

I was recently inspired by an academic who has a page on his website labelled “Play.” On this page he details the importance of play to his research.

When I took up the persona of Burnina Sparks I could never have imagined the impact it would have on my life.

Profound personal impacts abound, but so do professional ones.

Burnina Sparks is an irreplaceable part of my intentional, conscious exploration of identity, social constructions, and queer hirstory-making. Performing as Burnina also allows me to engage in my own creative, remediatory practice!

She is so-named in memoriam of all of the heretics who have burned at the stake. She is the resurrected and witchy type.

Performing as Burnina Sparks provides my most embodied engagement with queer lesbian-feminist tools of hirstory-making. She is the creative expression that I am inspired to produce as I grapple with queer art hirstories and all of their assorted legacies.

Burnina Sparks is also to blame for (most of) the rhinestones and (biodegradable) glitter all over my home.