Research Proposal

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Shared Vocabulary

I use some non-standard words in my proposal that I want to make sure we are all familiar with before diving in any further:

‘Cis-heteronormative’ refers to dominant heterosexual and cis-gender societal norms

‘Cis-gender’ refers to people who identify with the gender they were assigned at birth (another way to think of this is that if you are not a transgender, non-binary, or gender-fluid person than you are a cisgender person) 

‘Information Interface’ is a term coined in Digital Humanities and it refers to the ‘front end’ of visual systems of knowledge production (like the page design of a manuscript, of the design of a webpage as it will appear to viewers) 

‘Intra action’ signifies the productive connectivity (or engagement) that is created between viewers and the material/immaterial worlds of ‘interfaces’ (such as manuscripts or digital platforms)